Oh, Jeez

Oh, Jeez


Season s20
Episode e07
Written By Trey Parker
Production Code 2007
Original Air Date 2016-11-09

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Official Description

PC Principal tries one more time to make peace between the boys and the girls. Meanwhile Gerald comes face-to-face with the Troll Hunter.

Full Description

The day after the 2016 United States presidential election, people are shocked that Mr. Garrison has defeated Hillary Clinton, especially Randy Marsh. In contrast to his earlier actions, Garrison in a dazed speech embraces his election. Randy visits Garrison and his running mate Caitlyn Jenner to confront their changed attitude and their changed belief that Star Wars: The Force Awakens was not a bad movie when Jenner suddenly vomits a member berries substance onto Randy, causing him to fall into the same dazed state of acceptance. Later at his home, Randy vomits on Sharon and Sharon, bringing them into the same state.

The city of Fort Collins, Colorado has not had their election votes tallied as they are walled off due to the city's entire Internet histories being published from the Danish website known as Troll Trace. Government representatives arrive at Gerald and Sheila's home and take Gerald away, who believes that this is a result of his trolling actions as Skankhunt42. He is led under a bridge where he meets with Hillary Clinton. Hillary and her agents task Gerald to become a spy and infiltrate Troll Trace headquarters in Denmark as an ambassador with a briefcase that would emit an electromagnetic pulse, destroying their computer equipment. When Gerald arrives in Denmark, he is warmly welcomed to the Troll Trace headquarters and taken to a room he believes is the server room only to be surprised by meeting his Internet troll friend Dildo Schwaggins and the rest of his trolling team. Schwaggins reveals that they were all set up by Hillary to be fake spies and purposefully given to the Danes in return for Denmark not activating the Troll Trace website. Their briefcases then simultaneously all open to reveal that they have been rickrolled.

Cartman is scared that his girlfriend Heidi Turner will find out about his previous Internet history, so he asks Butters to help him cover up his previous Internet actions, but Butters is still mad at Cartman and the girls. Later, PC Principal hosts a school assembly with Bill Clinton who also brings along Bill Cosby to introduce a new gentleman's club in hopes that the boys and girls of the school can get along. Bill Clinton has Stan and Wendy Testaburger try to make up but Butters interrupts their session by pressing his wiener against the window. Bill Clinton later meets with Butters and reveals to him that this gentleman's club is only an act to avoid the wrath of Hillary and the rest of the women when their Internet histories are revealed by Troll Trace. Eventually, Cartman takes Heidi to a SpaceX station with plans to escape to Mars and be completely isolated from the rest of the world.


Eric Cartman

Heidi Turner

Stan Marsh

Kyle Broflovski

Butters Stotch

Wendy Testaburger

Gerald Broflovski

Sheila Broflovski

Ike Broflovski

Herbert Garrison

PC Principal

Randy Marsh

Caitlyn Jenner

Hillary Clinton

Sharon Marsh

Shelly Marsh

Dick Slapperman (Dildo Schwaggins)

Bill Clinton

Bill Cosby

Member Berries

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Pointless Observations

The beauty and beast shirts that Cartman and Heidi wore in the entire episode are possible references of Disney's upcoming live action remake of Beauty and the Beast. An interesting connection to the original animated Disney version of Beauty and the Beast is that late voice actress Mary Kay Bergman (who originated the voices of several female characters in South Park) made her voice acting debut in the original 1991 animated film voicing the Bimbette girls along with veteran voice actress Kath Soucie.

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